Asking for reviews doesn’t have to be an awkward experience. On the contrary, with the right words you can create a deeper relationship with your current clients and start relationships with new ones. Let’s take a look at how we can effectively request reviews from customers and clients to get more online reviews.

How Do You Ask For A Review….Where To Start?

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” might sound a bit cliche, but it’s how you need to start your online reviews journey. Asking for reviews, no matter when, where, or how, will result in a better online reputation for yourself than doing nothing.


The best time to request a review is when you still have the customer top of mind. “Time Decay”, typically an investing term, applies to reviews as well. The longer you wait to ask for a review, the less likely the customer is to respond. If they had a good experience they will be at their “Peak of Happiness” from just finishing their transaction. Asking at this time has a high chance of conversion due to the reciprocity being human nature.


There are many ways to frame your “Why” and they all work well. Whether you want to stress your focus on customer service or explain that a majority of your marketing comes from “word of mouth”, converting your “Why” to your customer can help support the request.


Asking for a review can take many forms. While asking a customer directly in the office may be the most obvious, there are many other routes. Handing out a card with a link to a form is an effective method. If you have a comfortable relationship with the person just shoot a text with a link to a form or Google/Facebook/etc… profile.



Examples and Scripts:

Here are some easily used scripts and examples you can use to request feedback from your clients and customers.

The Simple Review Request Script:

This script works best at or near the moment the customer has received the goods or service they purchased. A reciprocate action of a good review is returned when you have just provided something for them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I’d like to thank you again for choosing us to do business. We take pride in our customer service and much of our publicity comes from word-of-mouth marketing by happy customers. Could you take 5 minutes to leave us your comments and share online? We’d really appreciate it!”

This can be followed up with a survey or texted/emailed links to social media profiles, such as Facebook or Google.

The Email Request Script:

If business keeps you busy then create an email template with a simple fill in the blank space. This can streamline your feedback efforts while still allowing for personalization.


It was a pleasure to serve you and (describe customer interaction, unique experience, or loyalty).

We hope to have more customers like you, and one way we can work toward that goal is for great customers to leave feedback! As a valued customer would you mind taking 2 minutes to leave a review for us?

You can click this link <direct URL to whatever review service you use> to leave us a review.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you soon!



By templatizing your request you can quickly and easily start building your online reputation.

The Business Card: 

Nothing is easier than handing a card to your customer when they are walking out the door. Whether from you or a staff member, this is a simple way to gain traction online. Find a sample card we created using

“Don’t have time to ask every customer for reviews?”

An online reputation system like Feedback Automatic can automate the way you not only increase your positive reviews but also respond to negative reviews. Systems can automatically send emails, route positive reviews to social accounts, and allow opportunities for negative feedback resolution. If you are looking for a hands off approach, a feedback system is the way to go.

It’s Your Business

Remember that your business uniqueness comes from you. No matter the strategy you use for your reviews keep the “You” in your request and the reviews will come!

If you’re interested in learning if  Feedback Automatic is right for you, visit our demo request page. We’d be happy to speak with you!

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