Avvo uses its own rating system to rank attorneys. Are you using it to market your firm?

The Avvo Rating, unlike more traditional lawyer reviews sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, aims to give an industry specific and comprehensive “rating” of an attorney based on a scaled score of available categories in a user’s profile. It factors many different aspects of an attorney’s practice to appropriately rank lawyers on its website. So why is this important? How do you improve your Avvo rating? And what steps can you take to stand out from the crowd on Avvo? Read on to find out…

The Avvo Platform: A Growing Marketplace

Founded in 2006, Avvo was acquired by Internet Brands in 2018, the same holding company that owns Lawyers.com, AllLaw.com, Martindale-Hubbell and Nolo. Over 8 million people visit Avvo’s website every month, and for good reason.

The site features a Q&A section where a regular Joe can ask a legal question to a lawyer in real time, articles written by lawyers themselves on popular topics, and other comprehensive information about law available to the public. This curation of content gives the site a community feel to it’s users by providing educational content to go along with the standard listing, rating, and reviewing of lawyers local to themselves.

Avvo ranks high on search engines, is regularly linked in blog posts and articles, and is often vetted by customers with legal needs. The site continues to grow, and ignoring it could leave business on the table.

Avvo Ratings: What Do They Even Mean?

An Avvo rating is a scaled 1-10 score based on information that a lawyer provides in their Avvo profile. Avvo rewards higher scores to profiles with thorough and complete information. Avvo then ranks profiles based on the scale below:

From Avvo.com

It’s easy to see why you would want to complete your profile and not be sitting in the concern, caution, or lower buckets. The ratings are calculated using an unpublished formula that utilizes 18 separate profile categories. Each complete section will add to your overall rating.

How Do I Increase My Avvo Rating?

Although the exact formula is not known, there is a pretty solidified consensus on how to increase your rating on Avvo. Follow the steps below:

1. Sign up and claim your profile

Claiming your profile doesn’t take a ton of time or effort. Start by clicking on this link: Avvo.com/for-lawyers/avvo-profile

Select your name and click “Claim My Profile”. You’ll be able to authenticate ownership via 4 platforms: LinkedIn, Email, Facebook, or Phone Number.

2. Fill Out Your Profile

This will take a bit of time, but filling your profile to completeness is key to edging towards a full 10 rating on Avvo. Juris Digital suggests filling your profile to 95% completeness, as 100% profile completeness requires putting an Avvo badge on your website (and won’t affect your rating reaching a 10.)

Here is the full list of profile sections:

From JurisDigital.com

Be as thorough as possible when filling out your profile. Include as many recognitions, awards, and endorsements as possible, as all of these categories weigh on your Avvo rating.

Important: Accurately enter your practice areas when prompted, as Avvo will index you in these categories when potential clients are searching for you.

3. Review and Cross-Check

Once you have completed your profile, take a step back and look at your profile from a potential clients perspective. It’s easy to leave an award or publication out of your profile, but investing a bit of time today will pay dividends by having a complete profile in the future.

So do customer reviews on Avvo even matter?

Yes! Although reviews on Avvo don’t directly impact your Avvo rating, they definitely have an impact on marketing. Listings with more and higher star ratings will get more clicks than those with fewer and less star ratings, all things equal.  See the screenshot below:

Customers may not have an understanding of what the Avvo rating is, but they come into contact with reviews across the web on a regular basis. This familiarity can prompt a click or further research into your profile, as 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend. A sound reviews strategy can be the added touch that sets you apart from other attorneys in your area when a customer is ready to pick up the phone.

These reviews are also automatically shown on search engines when Avvo appears. The number and amount of stars you have on your profile will be right there on the screen.

Avvo reviews are quick and simple, with only a few fields needing to be filled before leaving a review. Avvo also takes the added step of prompting reviewers not to post about attorneys they have not worked with, as well as being specific and sticking to the facts.

A Review Strategy

Avvo is an excellent directory site to promote yourself and market your practice. Fully completing your profile and gaining reviews is a great start. 

However, in order for Avvo to be effective at lead generation for your law firm, you should consider an effective review strategy.

FeedbackAutomatic is one way to send your clients to a single place so they can easily leave reviews and star ratings on any of your profiles such as Avvo, FindLaw, Facebook, or Google.

If you are ready to get more online reviews and increase your ratings on sites like Avvo, learn how FeedbackAutomatic can help!