Realtors often use both Zillow and Facebook for generating leads. But what do you do if you have numerous Zillow reviews while your Facebook sits empty?

Although there is no way to get all of your Zillow reviews to post directly to Facebook, there are ways to encourage your clients to leave reviews on both sites.

Potential clients often have differing preferences of where they find reviews, so having a well-rounded strategy is key to increase your online rating and number of five star reviews.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct way to automatically get reviews from Zillow to be shared on Facebook as well.

Doing so would encourage people to spam online review sites.This is exactly why companies like Facebook, Yelp, Google and Zillow disallow automatic feedback sharing, star ratings, and reviews, or “robostamps”, across multiple platforms.

However, the good news is that there are easy ways to get your happy clients to post reviews to Facebook, Zillow, and many other platforms including, Yelp, and Avvo!

Start with these 3 helpful tips:

1. Include hyperlinks to those review sites in your email signature

Having your online profile links like Facebook and Google in your email signature gives your clients the opportunity to leave feedback if they had a positive experience.

Keep in mind that not every client will do this but it is a great way to get started increasing your rating on online review websites.

Although including your social profiles in your signature is good practice anyway, don’t expect a ton of online reviews by using this method alone. Clients often need to be explicitly asked in order to leave a review…

2. Ask as a genuine favor after the transaction

Providing a link is a good start, but asking for an honest review after a transaction is a proactive strategy that can lead to great results.

Often the client feels the need to “reciprocate” the service they were just given – especially if you ask in an authentic way.

For example, here is a script that you can modify in order to ask for a review from a client:

“Hi [Name],
I am so happy to hear that your family had such a good experience working with my team and I! We really enjoyed working with you as well and wish you the best of luck in the future.


Quick question: As you may know, we primarily get new clients by word of mouth. If you have 5 minutes, I’d love it if you could copy and paste the email you sent me in our online profiles below so that others hear directly from you about your experience.


If not, I totally understand but I’d be grateful for anything you can do! I’ve linked to them below.


Thanks so much.


[Link to Zillow] [Link to Facebook]



3. Use a tool that asks for a review on your behalf, then shares it on multiple online review sites…

Even though it is the most effective way, asking for a review on Facebook, Zillow, or another platform can be an awkward experience for your staff.

That is why so many people just don’t do it!

As such, you might have many positive client experiences that never resulted in a five star review.

Using an automated review tool like Feedback Automatic takes the verbal ask out of you or your team’s hands by asking for the review automatically.

Plus, it will automatically prompt people who leave positive feedback to copy and paste that same review to both Zillow and Facebook!

Beyond that it will also follow-up with clients, if desired, to try and maximize your chances of getting a review.
The best way to get more online reviews is to get started…

An effective reviews strategy is key to promoting yourself and gaining traction in Real Estate. Using the above strategies in combination is an excellent start to creating an effective feedback strategy.


Ready to start getting more reviews on both Zillow and Facebook?  Click here to schedule a free demo of Feedback Automatic.